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A Space for Art & Culture: gedungDUA8

GedungDUA8 is a building tucked into the heart of Kemang that functions as a space for exhibiting its collection of artifacts from eastern Indonesia, as a venue for events – with its various rooms and an amphitheatre – and as a place in which to be inspired as you work or contemplate.

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The space evolved from a project in which two existing buildings were connected, to create a most delightful and varied architectural experience. Architect Andra Matin juxtaposes the primitive with the modern, using clean lines and elegant edges with rough unfinished surfaces to create a fresh and important edifice in today’s Indonesian architecture.

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Dea Sudarman, documentary filmmaker and traveller, conceptualized geduangDUA8 as a place to share the experiences of various indigenous populations from parts of eastern Indonesia, whose lives she had witnessed through her work. Through her travels, Dea has amassed a diverse collection of hundreds of everyday artifacts from about 20 different indigenous populations, and has dedicated three levels of gedungDUA8 to present these pieces and allow the visitor a glimpse into their culture and way of life. The building offers a guided tour (in English) of the galleries housing these artifacts, which is accompanied by a viewing of one of Dea’s documentaries. You can get more details on booking this tour, and on the documentaries, from www.gedungdua8.com.

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Gallery at gedungDUA8.

The galleries represent an important aspect of the spaces in gedungDUA8, as does the amphitheatre. However, the variety of spaces available extends to two rooftop terraces dubbed teras Mimpi (dream terrace) and teras Mandang (contemplation terrace) as well as host of elegant multipurpose rooms and more galleries with lots of fresh light as well as a public library, galeriMandu , which carries more than 1,500 titles on Indonesian arts and culture in Bahasa Indonesia, English, Dutch, German, French and Japanese.

The many spaces of gedungDUA8 must be experienced first hand, whether through a guided tour of the various galleries or mid-afternoon contemplation at one of the terrace spaces. The structure serves a multitude of purposes and is an edifice with an energy that is set to transcend time and grow in significance.

gedungDUA8 is located at JL KEMANG UTARA 28, Jakarta Selatan.
To book a guided tour or to rent a space at the building :
t. +62 21 71702049/52
f. +62 21 71791419
For more information
e. gedungdua8@cbn.net.id
w. www.gedungdua8.com

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  1. I have three tips for beginning art collectors as well as for experienced art collectors. Good reminders for anyone interested in art or already collecting art. 1) Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and because it will enhance your life. 2) Visit as many art galleries as you can, gallery staff can be helpful guides in your art education. 3) Get on gallery mailing lists so you’ll be invited to openings and special events for art collectors. Jennifer.

    Posted by Jennifer | January 17, 2010, 10:57 pm

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