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The Kopernik Revolution

Kopernik is a technology marketplace that connects life-changing innovations (such as water purification and solar-powered devices) to the people who need them in the developing world. Co-founder Ewa Wojkowska explains how and why it came about.
Pictured above is a woman in Manado correcting her own vision with AdSpecs – self-adjustable eyeglasses that allow individuals to correct their own vision. This addresses the lack of trained optometrists who are able to prescribe properly corrected eyeglasses.

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Seniwati Smiles

From Expat Indonesia 05: Melinda Chickering interviews Mary Northmore-Aziz, founder of Bali’s Seniwati Gallery for women artists, and of Yayasan Senyum, the charity that provides assistance to individuals with craniofacial disabilities in Bali and Lombok. She speaks about her work and about the love story that brought her to Bali.

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